View Full Version : Loading a Script into the Venkman Javascript Debugger

tal tihai
Jun 21st, 2004, 11:49 PM
I am trying to figure out how to use the latest version of the Venkman Javascript Debugger. I just started to learn how to program and the Venkman debugging program is very intimidating to me. I have been trying to follow the tutorial written by Svend Tofte, "Learning the Javascript Debugger Venkman", but I am having major difficulties. Here is one (of a multituded) of problems I have encountered:

1. I wrote a simple 3 line javascript program called "Hi", which, when executed, displays the word "Hi" in the browser window. I purposely left out one quotation to see how the debugger would work. I accessed the Venkman debugger and opened the script (located on my hard drive) into the source code window of the debugger. Now, from what I can determine from the tutorial, I need to double click the "Hi" program where it appears in the "Loaded Scripts" window of the debugger, and then switch to the "Open Window" tab and set this program as the evaluation object. I can do this for website scripts but not the scripts that are located on my hard drive. For some reason they are not listed in the "Loaded Scripts" window when I open them. The hard drive scripts appear in the source code window, however. So! How do I get my programs into the "Loaded Scripts" window so that I can set them as the evaluation object? Shouldn't they appear alphabetically with all of the other programs in the "Loaded Scripts" window when I open them? Thanks in advance.