View Full Version : How do you do this??? Search data structure, then save the results in a temp array ..

06-16-2004, 10:52 PM
Hey All,

I have a question.....this is more of a symbolic sort of idea....

Lets say we have a rather large/complicated data structure..something like...

new shop = [
ITEM 1 = new array [
[red, high, $33, [0,0,1,0 ]],
[silver, high, $35,[1,1,1,0 ]],
[green, low, $22, [4,8,1,0 ]],

ITEM 2 = new array [
[green, low, $11, [1,4,1,0 ]],
[silver, low, $35, [2,2,1,0 ]],
[green, high, $12, [4,0,1,8 ]],



NOW, I will be doing searches based on some dropdowns....and their selections...
basically, I will be using the "last array of bitwise" for matches...if an item matches, based on its position in that last element array,,,,I WANT to store the results in the SAME FORMAT as the master OBJECT "new shop"....but have it temp.....cause when someone selects a "second or third" dropdown (3 or 4 total selection drilldown), I want the matching to then match from that TEMP array (object), until we are left with a finalized matching schema.....so then I can redraw the dropdowns on every NEW TEMP array/object ....this way, every subsequent selection from the dropdowns always would make the TEMP array/object smaller and smaller because I am drilling down matches.....

????? any ideas....

Or perhaps, I can cycle thru the object/array and 'remove' items that don't match....but again, how?

06-17-2004, 10:07 AM
You might reduce this into smaller ideas for the sake of asking questions. Certainly that is not a single task. Start with one.