View Full Version : Possible a cookie problem?

06-15-2004, 06:38 PM
I've got a simple 'application' on our company intranet where users can view documents, mainly image snapshots of drawing files, by clicking on links the document is opened in a new browser window. Instead of making one page for each supporting document I have a generic page that displays any document, this way I only need to make images. Each "link" is actually just a list item that has an onClick event handler, which sets a cookie with the document name for that link, then passes that into the new browser widow via a cookie. I've been developing it over the last few weeks and it's been working great - until a few days ago. Now some of the beta users get broken images where the document snapshots should be.

I have checked their cookie settings in IE and even set them to allow all cookies without any luck. I know our IT department (I work in Engineering) made some policy changes company wide which they claim only affects security and should not have any effect on cookies. But the timing really makes me wonder.

Does anyone have an idea what else might cause this behavior? I can post code if needed.

Roy Sinclair
06-15-2004, 08:19 PM
If it's a "cookie" problem then the contents of that cookie won't make it to the new window. So all you need to do is simply display the cookie contents in the new window to find out if it's a problem with cookies or if there's some other problem causing this.