View Full Version : Edit a CMS script titles (NeonEdit): Help!

06-05-2004, 05:53 PM
I have a CMS script that works by allowing any text between the tags

<!-- NEONEDIT -->

to be edited in the admin page.

However, when it is being edited, because all the NEONEDIT Comment tags are the same in the code, every textbox has the same title: Page Text (Editable):. This makes it very confusing to edit a page with multiple Commented sections, because they all have the same title.

Is it possible to use different comment tags to specify different page elements, and therefore different titles above the textboxes?


would bring about a Section Header: title, a

would bring about a Section Content: title, etc.

I realize this might be a big undertaking, but I am willing to learn if anyone is willing to help me learn (I'm new at this). The code is attached.

Thanks in advance!