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05-26-2004, 05:48 PM
Guys!!Recently my aunt's business turn out really bad..and i hope by creating a website to promote her products will make her business good.Im lacks of knowledge of PHP.I hope someone can create a form for me for the transactions for my aunt's business.

This is the list she needs.

1. Drop down menu of product a,b,c and d
2. Who recommended to you?
3. Your first name
4. Your lasr name
5. Email address
6. House name / number and Street:
7. Town / City
8. County / State / Country if not in the US
9. Postal / ZIP code
10. Payment thru Credit card/paypal or bank transactions.(payment thru paypal should go directly make a payment on paypal site)
11.Submit button

Can this information be make automated sent to my email accounts?
I really thankful you can help me.Thanks.

05-26-2004, 11:09 PM
As far as the PayPal part, you have to have a Merchant Account with PayPal, and they will give you an automated payment CGI address that you post your forms to.

I don't think this is easier said than done. It's not hard to do, but the form is the easy part, it's processing the form that will be a bit of work (and this is where the PHP will come into play).

The PHP form processor will have to create and send the email to your email address, and then use Snoopy or cURL to post the data to PayPal, and then re-direct the user to a Thank You page of some sort (or wherever you want to redirect the user to.. it wouldn't hurt to use PayPal's IPN to show whether the payment was successul or not..).

You also have to take into account that you want the form to look nice and match the rest of your website. When you've contacted PayPal to get the Merchant account, they'll not only give you the CGI page, but also the various parameters they'll need when you post your data to their CGI.

So that's what you or someone will have to do.. I'm not going to do it. You may want to post on the Work Offers page.. Are you expecting this done for free or are you paying? You have to state that in that post. You should probably link this thread in that one so people have a bit of background on what needs to happen.

Good luck,