View Full Version : adapting a script to my template (another IE VS NS thing)

05-13-2004, 11:05 PM
Hey, this will prob not be an easy question to follow, but i'll give it my best...

I found this script that i am trying to adapt to my website, the exact function is irrelevant because even if not working at all, the problem is with the way it fits into my sites template...

my website (*removed*) has a template that i would like this new script to follow (*removed*)... now, i've done a fairly decent job at doing this, at least for the most part... (*removed*) i still need to play with the CSS so that it dosn't jump arround like it does now, however, the biggest problem i have, is that its not precisely what i want... if you go to the 'test.php' page under IE, the script goes outside of my table... however, it works exactly like i want it to in Netscape...

The most amazing part is that i keep IE in mind, not NS... Regardless how that came to be, i need help to figure out why IE won't do it....

I'll apreciate any sugestions, even if its something that may seem obvious...


05-14-2004, 01:24 PM
What do you mean by

if you go to the 'test.php' page under IE, the script goes outside of my table...
I can open the page and nothing seems to be placed outside the table.

I don't know if it's relevant (since i haven't got a clue about the problem) but
an important difference between IE and NS is that NS will not display content of atable, untill the complete table is loaded into the browser. So in NS, you shouldn't get the jumping columnborders.
Also, your attributevalues for height and width don't always have a % and it's rather strange to have part of the cells defined relative.

You probably already know, but using tables for layoutpurposes isn't realy the way to go.

05-14-2004, 11:58 PM
Well, you may have been seeing the page as i was trying to fix it, its halfway there, i mean, at least now it is presentable, however, i wish i could have it blockquoted.

I understand what you said about NS being the one that would give me the problem, but its actually NS that is displaying right in both versions... It is IE thats giving me problems...

*removed* is the one that is as of now the best i can find on both IE and NS

*removed* is the one with the problem in IE, but exactly how i want it in NS (again, pay attention to the right of the FAQ)

as for the positioning using tables, yes i understand that tables is not the best way to position, however it is the method i used because i will be adding other scripts that will enhance the site that i only know how to do with tables as of now, however, once the site is 100% up, i will spend time changing it to CSS positioning.

hopefully this clears things up a bit... for now, thanks for taking time to at least try to understand my question