View Full Version : Any advice with VB 6 to C# migration and DLL libs?

Tom Armstrong
05-13-2004, 05:03 PM

This description gets very specific but I'm grateful for any comments or suggestions even if only about the subject matter in general. It would even be helpful if someone can recommend a good book!

I have an app written in VB 6.0 that reads analog inputs from National Instruments hardware using the drivers in their DLL. Now I need to migrate to C# .NET (or VB but I prefer C#)

There seems to be two possibilities for Analog Input:

1. use the DAQmx name space
2. use the CWAI controls

The only documentation on the DAQmx namespace is the list of classes and methods and it's not really helpful. There is NO documentation for the CWAI control but it DOES show up on my toolbox so I figure maybe I should use it!

Can anyone tell me what the prefered method is? I'd also like to use their GPIB library but one thing at a time.

I suspect that there is an "old" way of doing things (i.e. VB 6.0) and a "new" way of doing things (i.e. .NET) and that the controls that I can plop down are the old way and that's why they don't show up in my help, and that the classes in the DAQmx are probably the prefered way to go but I'd really like someone else's opinion here if possible since this is fairly new to me. I'm an assembly language firmware developer by trade!

Thanks in advance - Tom