View Full Version : Abilene and the Future of the Web

05-07-2004, 09:32 PM
I am sure some of you have heard of of Internet2 (www.internet2.edu) and its consortium consisting of institutes of higher learning, and research facilities along with corporations with an interest in the research being conducted. If you've not follow the link above and spend some time reading about this amazing network and the fascinating projects they have in the works.

Internet2 in many ways paralells the original ARPA net in that it is designed for the propagation and sharing of data among Universities and sceintists as well as devoloping and implementing advanced networking protocols. Cheif among these is the goal to switch the WWW to the IPv6 addressing scheme (also known as Subnetters Nightmare).There is one slight difference though.Bandwidth. This network is a beautiful thing, running on an OC 192, 10 Gbps backbone with the main PoP being centraly located in Indianapolis Indiana with secondary PoPs strategicaly placed around the US.

What they are cooking up is intended to be put into use on the common internet that we now know and gives a glimpse into where the Web is headed. Thus far, we have barely scratched the surface of the technological advances that are possible.