View Full Version : Prevent the page #, url from printing on page?

05-03-2004, 05:45 PM
Hi. Is there any way to prevent the url from showing on the bottom of the page, or the page title/page numbers showing at the top when it's printed?

I'm displaying a page as a word doc, but when it's printed, this info shows up. Thanks.

05-03-2004, 07:52 PM
First of all, is this a personal problem or something you want to prevent for all your users?

If it's a personal problem, you go to file->page setup and alter the headers/footers.

Otherwise, I don't think you can do this, based on this link:

I thought you could use css, but I haven't been able to find anything..

Good luck,

05-03-2004, 07:57 PM
Thanks. I really didn't think so. Not that it's relevant to javascript, but I was going to use the response.contenttype method in ASP to display it in word format. Our intranet users (Customer service staff) would then print it off to send to a customer. Unfortunately, though, it looked tacky with the url at the bottom, and the page #'s at the top.

Oh well...guess I'll use Crystal reports to do it. I hate Crystal reports. It's evil.

05-04-2004, 05:22 AM
It is better to just instruct the users to delete (IE) or uncheck (NS/Moz) the entries in the Headers and Footers section of the Page Setup dialog before printing.

05-04-2004, 07:51 AM
I went through this at Controlling Printing from Web (http://www.codestore.org/store.nsf/cmnts/6E8E6AA7F10CACC280256B2F006550DF?OpenDocument)

I also went to the place which allows you to download the component: ScriptX (http://www.meadroid.com/scriptx/)

I'm using the basic functions: Header and Footer control in my applications :D

05-04-2004, 09:02 AM
Yeah it can be done, but not without IE and ActiveX, and not with ActiveX disabled, and not without user downloading the control. :rolleyes:

But since this is for an intranet application where the environment is controlled, using an ActiveX control is quite acceptable.

05-04-2004, 09:20 AM
So far, this is the best alternative for intranet usage that I've found :p