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Jun 23rd, 2016, 12:13 AM
I'm using Wordpress although this is a CSS issue. The website looks absolutely great on a desktop computer, but when I shrink Chrome down to the size of a mobile device I get this extra margin to the right that I can't for the life of me get to go away. When I use my phone and go to my website the margin to the right is even more pronounced and throws the display out of whack. Below is a screen shot of the footer area and header area on a mobile device, notice the blank space the length of the page to the right? I can't get this extra margin/blank area running the length of the page to go away. I've been screwing with Firebug in Firefox and just can't for the life of me resolve this problem. I will provide access to everything if someone can help me. I would be eternally grateful! Thank you, Scott.

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Screenshot1 (http://demo.flordawn.com/screenshot1.png)

Screenshot2 (http://demo.flordawn.com/screenshot2.png)

Jun 23rd, 2016, 06:01 AM
Your div.row-item are set to width:90%, hence the gap on one side. You'll want to change that inside the sub 768px width media query in responsive.css. Just look for:

.row, .rowItem {

... and change it to width:auto; If you don't like how that's running flat against the edges, pad it.

That said... the page has problems across the board; sadly MOST of these problems stem from the choices of tools used to make the site -- such as wordpress, jquery, a lack of even trying to have semantic markup, endless pointless classes and DIV for nothing, OOCSS site development methodology... It's something of a miracle the page even attempts to be responsive... and the mix of dynamic/elastic fonts with pixel measurement widths and media queries is why it fails on my primary browser here at EVERY resolution.

It's 26k of markup, 299k of JavaScript spanning eighteen files, 137k of CSS in 9 files, on a page that if written properly like has no excuse to be using more than 8k of HTML, 24k of Scripting in one file, and 32k of CSS in one file for the ENTIRE SITE.

Though as always I find it disturbing to find such non-semantic inaccessible site design for a SEO "service", particularly using a fat bloated steaming pile like turdpess for what seems to be a static site. It reinforces my opinion of places that "just do SEO and nothing else". (and why at this point you couldn't pay me enough to make me deal with WP). Simple fact is the code-bloat aria roles and redundant title attributes, redundant content, keyword stuffing, and much less outright invalid markup is more likely to get that site slapped down by search than to have it rank well... DESPITE the LIES garbage like Yoast will try to pack you full of.

Also, nonsense is one word, not hyphenated... Just saying.

Really if you came to me as a client, the first thing I'd suggest is dumping the entire thing and starting over.