View Full Version : ftp> chmode setup/ 400

04-19-2004, 05:27 AM
ftp> chmode setup/ 400... what does that mean, and how can I do it?

04-19-2004, 05:54 AM
what it does depends on the FTP client/server e.g.

chmod setup/ 0400

would chmod the folder ./setup to 0400

why do you want to do it if you don't know what it does ? can you elaborate your needs ?

04-19-2004, 02:45 PM
Chmod 400 is a very restrictive setting giving only the file onwer read-only access. No write / execute capabilities for the owner, and no permissions what-so-ever for anyone else.

Why do you need such restrictive permissions?

04-20-2004, 01:41 AM
I dont care what i does, but for that script i down loaded it says that i have to chmode 3 files, and if i dont the script says its not gonna run for me :eek:

so I have to chmode those files, but how????

04-30-2004, 02:54 AM
You may want to understand what the script requires and why it requires it. Because if it is a script that allows users to modify configuration and/or other files, then you may want to restrict it as much as is possible. btw, chmod is a unix/linux command. It does not work in windows. you can achieve the same purpose by setting the access control lists if you are using NTFS.