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04-14-2004, 01:39 AM
I spent hours reading this forum to learn PHP and was doing great! Everything I wanted from setting up PHP on my own test server to developing a form I could submit and manipulate. I had every one of my questions answered just searching through the forum rather than having to ask one question. I ftp'd everything to the server I subscribe to with domain name and .... no luck! That sucked. After 3 weeks of endless troubleshooting what I had done in a matter of days - I finally got an email from one of the techs including the following line:

"I think the reason your php stuff isn't working is probably because we don't have it installed on our server. It's too complicated and we're going to stay with ASP, although I did install the perl scripts on out NT server, so that should help."

--------ummmmmmmmm, what?
Three weeks! After reading so many posts of people in need, and how there have been so many great moderators and people helping, I was a little stunned. Thank God the ASP forum helped in rewriting the entire form, relearning everything and reuploading all the data, by the fifth week.

Just a thought - check with your provider to make sure they have perl, PHP and even ASP.NET options. Our local cable modem provider was one of the test servers for roadrunner's advanced technology, but they can't figure out how to install PHP?
- :rolleyes: oh well

04-14-2004, 02:39 AM
lmao , sorry to laugh at your misfortune , it sucks innit , don't worry I still find the odd `host` here (Australia) who does not even know what PHP is! (telling them its the most popular apache module on the planet & running over 13 million domains seems not to make much of an impression either, ...though to be fair most of them seem to have heard of apache;)) , & one of our major providers still runs PHP3 , I get the impression that they think that since it works ,it ain't worth 'fixing' to PHP4.

On the bright side you got to compare & play with 2 of the major solutions for server-side work , always nice to have the experience of both the light and dark side.

04-14-2004, 10:04 PM
(lol) - no offense on the laughing, I found myself almost in tears laughing when I read the email at 3 am after messing around with the PHP some more.
Yeah - experience is great - getting paid for it's better- but the rebellion turned out victorious (or would I be Federation? hmmmmmm)
:) thanks