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08-08-2002, 01:03 PM
right, starting learning PHP and have come to the MySQL tutorial. So as it said i downloaded MySQL 3.23.51.

It was a .zip file, which i unzipped then clicked on SETUP icon. This set up MySQL so that it was c:/mysql (as said). Now i have a mega problem!!!!!.....where the hell do i go next?? none of the current icons in the mysql folder seem to launch any sort of application.

how does this all work?? i have examples in the tutorial that will work me through examples with PHP, but they are useless if i cant use MySQL!

can anyone help take me through this? i cant find any readme file that does, and the website dont seem to have an answer.



08-08-2002, 04:34 PM
My fellow mod firepages developed a package just for this problem. It is difficult trying to install all the various components needed to do development and testing of server side apps localy so he put together a package called phpdev. You can download it here:


Depending on which package you download it will come with apache(web server), php, mysql, phpmyadmin(for administering the databases). The package installs the whole thing for you.

As for getting started with something simple here is a beginning tutorial that is easy to follow: