View Full Version : Using set_magic_quotes_runtime()

03-21-2004, 03:40 AM
Im writing a script that takes user input and puts it into a db. Magic quotes are usually annoying but for this i specificly want them used, as they control the output perfectly. This is to do with the [php] tags post a couple of days ago, as it is all part of the one script.

Now my current version <http://www.freeipb.net/highlight/test.php> works well. If you have a go, scroll to the bottom and you can see all the synax, and when you submit, it gets stored in the DB then loaded again, doesnt seem to be any problems.

The thing that worries me is that locally, when I run the script, I get a blank page if i use any quotes. I have magic quotes disabled in my PHP.ini, and using set_magic_quotes_runtime(1) doesnt seem to do anything. On the remote server, (Im assuming magic_quotes_gpc is on), sent data gets slashes added to it. As there may come a point when I want to distribute this code, I want it to be usable on either setting. So is there a reliable way to set magic quotes without editing php.ini, or is it just my local server playing up?