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clair de lune
03-19-2004, 06:41 PM

i hope i can post here, as it is not javascript but java and i did not find a more appropriate forum, so please mods forgive me or replace this post in its proper place

i have on my website a java code that shows lunar phases, all pages are in two languages, so i have 2 versions of the java applet

the english page (http://www.campingclairdelune.com/(GB)/CalendrierLune(GB).htm) uses tag applet and validates xhtml 1.0 transitional :

<applet code="LunarPhases.class" codebase="LunarPhases" width="400" height="160"> </applet>

the french page (http://www.campingclairdelune.com/CalendrierLune.htm) uses tag object to validate xhtml 1.0 strict :

<object codebase="LunarPhases/" classid="java:LunarPhases.class" codetype="application/java-vm" width="400" height="160"></object>

trouble is, it does not work with explorer

as it validates and works with mozilla, i assume the call is correct, who knows the trick for explorer ?

clair de lune
03-20-2004, 01:17 AM

had to leave a working page online :o

strict page that does not work with ie is there (http://www.campingclairdelune.com/CalendrierLuneStrict.htm)