View Full Version : some DIVs showing some not in NS ???

03-17-2004, 05:55 AM
So weird, so I am working on this Website, where we are trying to compare all major travel merchants and show them all on one page. It's a prototype, that doesn't quite work yet as you will see.
Currently we are showing all the search results on one page using DIVs and embedded IFRAMES to pull in the pages.
For some reason it is very unstable. On IE it usually shows all 10 merchants. On NS however does not show Priceline, Discountfares and Cheaptickets.

What I am asking you guys is to go to the following website:

www.travelgrove.com/travel_grove.php and in the search fields enter LAX to LAS enter a valid date and see what happens... take a look at the sourcecode... the weird thing is that when I cut and paste the URL into the browser's search field, it shows up fine...

Weird stuff really... I was thinking that maybe the URL was too long for the IFRAME, but now even when I make the URL shorter it won't work.