View Full Version : Embed A Blog (Or Any RSS) Feed into an HTML Page

03-15-2004, 10:07 AM
I just put together a script which I think is pretty cool.

If any of you have a blog using Blogger (or any other similar service with an RSS feed), this script will allow you to embed the content of your blog ANYWHERE on the net.

Seems like most Blogger users didn't really know how to take advantage of the RSS option of their blog. This extracts the info form the RSS, and allows yo uto embed it into any HTML page, really easily.

It's way easy to use for beginners, but allows a decent amount of customization for advanced users. (Style/looks changing modification.) It allows a variable number of posts to show/etc.

I think it's actually pretty good, and long past due, seeing how long the feed option has been out and unexplained.

Anyway, for more details, and examples, I just threw together a text-only page
http://www.puuba.com/translator there.

It's got the code too. Throw me back some suggestions; I'll do what I can. (The core translation code was written by someone else, modified by me.)