View Full Version : Margin Problem in Joomla

Mar 16th, 2015, 11:58 PM
Hi There,

I've set up a joomla website to advertise my graphic design services. I've downloaded a template and have manipulated it to the desired style. There is one thing that I cant for the life of me seem to figure out.

My Top module (block-top-a) is adding a 5px margin to the bottom and I cant get rid of it.

Here is a link to me site, www.anthalldesign.com (http://www.anthalldesign.com)

You can see that the image in the Top module doesn't sit at the bottom of the Module. Can anyone help me to fix this please.



Mar 17th, 2015, 12:54 AM
Hello hornet_ant,
That is an annoying 5px! Can't quite figure out where it's coming from. This gets rid of it but I'm not a huge fan of negative margins... give it a try though -

.module, #header, #breadcrumbs, #content, #footer {
margin: 0 20px -5px;

It's a bit of javascript that puts a min-height of 335px on .module, it's doing something else too because making the image 335px high just pushed .module up to 340px.