View Full Version : line breaks in variable text on input type button

02-16-2004, 05:43 AM
I am using ColdFusion and I have a question about "input type button".

<input type="submit" value="#variable#">

The above input button makes variable text on the buttons.

If a variable is '11111', the text on the button will be '11111'.
If another variable is '22222', the text on the button will be '22222'.

My problem happens when the variable is very long.
For Example, if the variable is '3333333333' the button become wider.

I like to put a line break per every 5 characters .
then, the variable '3333333333' will be shown like the following.


Line breaks depending on "widht=50" would also be a good solution.

For example,
<input type="submit" value="#variable#" WIDTH="50">

But the above example input button doesn't seem work correctly.

Do you have any way for this?

Thanks in Advance