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08-04-2002, 08:34 AM
hi, hoping that someone somewhere has done something like this before and would be kind enough to chuck it my way ? pretty please??

imagine I have (& I do !) a DB with page names and a field telling which order to display in


and I want to present the user the opportuninty to order those diferently

to say -

but via a page that does not need to refresh with every change,so they can reorder all the pages - hit submit and I end up with an array telling me the new world order so I can update my DB

so I assume I need a javascript array with the original order of things (from the DB) and then perhaps a form interface to allow the user to swap these around that can return to me the new order of things

any one have a clue what I am talking about (I know what I mean just not how to say it ;))