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08-04-2002, 03:36 AM
I've searched through the symbols in Microsoft Word 2000 to find the checkbox-looking bullet. I can't find a symbol of it, and using the bulleted list option isn't working because I only want to create the look of a checkbox.

The document will be an application, thus I'm essentially trying to make:

( ) yes ( ) no

with ( ) being the checkbox-looking bullet.

I originally inserted small tables using the bulleted list option, and it worked. For a while that is. Then, the tables weren't lined up consistently. I'm very near to giving up on this entirely. Thank you.

08-04-2002, 04:17 AM
does this just a help®...
These form elements were inserted onto this page with just a 2® clicks.
First: Insert/FormField
Then: CheckBox, Bullet, DropDownMenu, Button and ScrollingText

When you are ready to add bulleted text to your document, use the following steps:

1.Place the insertion point where you want the bullets to begin

2.From the Formatting toolbar, click the BULLETS button
If you cannot find the BULLETS button, see the toolbar graphic under Adding Bullets: Formatting Toolbar. The button will become light gray.
Word will insert your first bullet and move the cursor a quarter inch to the right, where you can begin typing text.
If the text wraps, Word maintains the quarter-inch indent.
When you press [Enter] another bullet appears.

3.Type the text

just a goodluck® :O)))

08-04-2002, 04:39 AM
You can use an image for the bullet you know:

li {
list-style-image: url(pathtotheimg.ext);


08-04-2002, 06:49 AM
Unless I misunderstand both replies, which is quite possible, my problem is not creating a bulleted list. I use them frequently. It's using two bullets on the same line and being able to select the amount of space from the bullet to the text on its right.

That's why I decided to create small tables with two columns. There was a divider between them that allowed me to have two bullets on one line. Those tables, however, would not line up correctly.

Justame - I went to Insert, but there was only "Field" vs. "FormField". I checked that anyways, yet I couldn't find a checkbox option. I know I previously tried a Check Box from the Control Toolbox if that's what you meant.

I'm not going to make it into a web document, JKD. It'll just be on Word until I change it to a PDF file.

Thank you both for helping me, and please let me know if I didn't comprehend partially or completely. :)

08-05-2002, 04:22 AM
On the offchance someone wants to find the symbol for the checkbox-looking bullet in Word, it's under Wingdings (found after a whole lot of persistence and a bit of desperation). :rolleyes: