View Full Version : Need help regarding pop up a borderless window

02-06-2004, 11:33 PM
i want to pop up a window ,which will be 1024 X 196 in size
having no border,not resizeable,always on top.the problem
i am getting right now is that the pop up works fine on SOME
systems but donot work fine on MOST..when it pop ups..it
comes out to be a full screen window.
here is the java script code that i am using in PHP script to pop up a window after certain interval

<script language=javascript>
var win=window.open('a.html' ,'_BLANK'," toolbar=no,location=no,status=no,menubar=no,scroll
win.resizeTo(1024, 196);
win.moveTo(0, 569);

win.document.write("<html><Head><Title>abc</Title></Head><body topmargin=0 leftmargin=0><img src='/Attach/1.jpg' width=1022 height=195 alt='' border=0></body></html>");