View Full Version : Simplified PC/mac script problem (really need help)

02-03-2004, 04:38 PM
I have tried to simplify me previous question. This is where I think the problem is. Can anyone have a peek? Is there something obvious in the script that would keep it from working in IE on a mac? Many thanks!

(Here is the code for the search button)

onClick="return Search_onclick()"

(Here is the script)

<script id="clientEventHandlersJS" language="javascript">

function Search_onclick() {
var editorid;
var directorid;
var productid;
var agencyid;
var spottitle;
editorid = document.getElementById("listEditor").options[document.getElementById("listEditor").selectedIndex].value;
directorid = document.getElementById("listDirector").options[document.getElementById("listDirector").selectedIndex].value;
productid = document.getElementById("listProduct").options[document.getElementById("listProduct").selectedIndex].value;
agencyid = document.getElementById("listAgency").options[document.getElementById("listAgency").selectedIndex].value;
spottitle = document.getElementById("txtTitle").value;
parent.document.getElementById("blank_search").src = "images/clip_search_title_2.jpg";
parent.document.getElementById("SearchResults").src = "searchresults.asp?edid=" + editorid + "&drid=" + directorid + "&prid=" + productid + "&agid=" + agencyid + "&title=" + spottitle;