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01-24-2004, 02:56 PM
im having probs

im using dreamweaver4,php4 and mysql.
what i want is to show the url's in the listbox this is what i have show far

<select name="track2edit"size="1"> **********
(2)while ($c_array=mysql_fetch_array($result))
(3) {
(4) $artist= $c_array['totart_names'];
(5) $user= $c_array['spare3'];
(6) $artistlink="<a href=audmp3.php?cart=$artist
(7) print '<option value="'.$user.'">'.$thelink.'</option>';
(8) }
</select> **********

what happens here is

it looks for the artist and user name in the mysql DB
then store them as URI (url) in the $artistlink varible
then show them as a link in the listbox or menubox (scrollable)
then keep doing the whole block again till $c_array is negative

what happens in reality is

it does find all the data and place them in the box
BUT the data appears as normal text instead of a clickable link

so i think in line 6 in the above code is at fault BUT
here comes the big catch

if you remove the lines with the stars (remove the list box) and re-run the code
you will see the the names from the database, once echoed to the screen is now clickable urls.

but i really need in list the box as i want the results of hundreds of artist names in a maintainable scrollable area

i hope you understood my theory


01-24-2004, 04:47 PM
this is a html/forms issue not PHP , you can't stick links like that in a select element, you can put the select box in a <form> and detect onSubmit the selected form item (or add some onclick event to the individual options ?) but again thats not PHP related ... moving to general forum