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Apr 14th, 2014, 04:06 AM
Hey All,

We have a KSI point of sale keyboard with 40 pos buttons at the top of the keyboard which are programmed with OPOS keyboard codes.

We also have a web-based javascript-driven point of sale program which we want to interface they keyboard with. We need to be able to detect when an OPOS key is pressed to run specific functions based on those keys. We don't mind if we need to interface the keyboard through a java applet embedded on the page or directly through javascript but all of the research I have been able to do online has not yielded any information on detecting OPOS keys in the web browser, the only thing we have been able to find online about javascript and OPOS is OPOS-enabled barcode scanners and OPOS-enabled thermal printers, both of which need to use java applets to interface with javascript.

Any help or guidance with this would be much appreciated.


Apr 15th, 2014, 10:28 AM
Still trying to resolve this. If someone has a suggestion on how to do this or has a better language to do it in then feel free to suggest an alternate language to do it in.

Apr 15th, 2014, 03:33 PM
Has anyone talked with the people at KSI?
Does this help
Drivers | KSI Keyboards (http://ksikeyboards.com/support/drivers/)

Apr 16th, 2014, 08:00 AM
Has anyone talked with the people at KSI?
Does this help
Drivers | KSI Keyboards (http://ksikeyboards.com/support/drivers/)

We have spoken to KSI and they have advised that they don't have any programming tools for this keyboard other than the software they have already provided which allows us to change what the sales function buttons do. The buttons are able to be programmed with any of the following...

Standard Key Code (1-9, A-Z, etc)
OPOS Key Codes (HYPOS001, HYPOS002, etc)
PS2 Set 2 Scan Codes
ASCII Text (Hello/nWorld, which would emulate Hello <Enter> World being pressed)

The issue we have with all of this is that we still need full use of the alpha-numeric keyboard for our POS implementation. We have tried the PS2 Set 2 Scan Codes but the issue is that even when we use a suposed unassigned set 2 scan code as per a list we downloaded they still show up in the javascript key press as a standard alpha-numeric character. The only way we see that we will be able to do this is to use OPOS key codes but until we are able to track down a way to detect an OPOS key down event we are stuck. This is a major issue for us as we need to be able to do this through the keyboard and all of the alpha-numeric keys are needed for free text fields, and all of the function keys have already been assigned to other tasks.

Any assistance at all that anyone has in doing something even remotely similar to this would be greatly appreciated.