View Full Version : Using Frontpage to go frameless

01-16-2004, 09:59 PM
Hi. Anyone here use Frontpage? I've been thinking of using my Frontpage 2000 to take my web site, www.dennisallen.com, and go frameless. Since I have a left framed frame.htm with lots of javascipt code, is this a good idea?

I could use FP insert/components/web page to add my frame.htm page to all other pages. But frame.htm has lots of javascript functions in the header, and needs onload= to start them. I suppose I could move my <script> code into the <body>. What are the advantages/disadvantages of <head> script code as opposed to <body> script code?

Side question. Many of my pages have external <script src="temp.js"> calls. In fact, a couple of pages I have to create a <body onload="xload()"> in which xload() checks to make sure all the temp.js functions are loaded before proceeding. Now it seems to me that the FP insert/component/page could bypass this need altogether, but insert/component/page only asks for *.htm files. What, do I want to convert my *.js files to *.htm files, wraping <html><body><script></script></body></html> around them?

Any advice is appreciated...Dennis