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01-14-2004, 05:19 PM
Hi everyone:
I have been studying CSS but I am still in need of some help. I have a series of images that would be in thumbnails and when click on them, you get the larger version. They need to be seperated into categories and the name of each image would go under the image (caption). I have 7 categories:
#1 has 5 images
#2 has 5 images
#3 has 4 images
#4 has 5 images
#5 has 2 images
#6 has 3 images
#7 has 3 images

Do I need a table to do this? COuld you help me out here? I have the JS that goes with this for thumbnails. The file that I have attached has JS for it. Ignore the images. This is the old version of it.
Thanks so much...

01-15-2004, 10:05 AM
Without knowing what you want your page to look like, layout-wise, it's impossible to answer that question.
Tables would be the easiest, though arguably semantically inappropriate, but CSS positioning could do the trick equally well and would likely result in better structured pages.
Just let us know how you want to arrange those images.