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01-12-2004, 09:40 PM

I am new to this forum, I am seeking help on how to fix a
problem I having with our facilities web pages (sites).

Please note that the issue only occuers with Windows XP
and Internet Explorer 6.0 (that I know off).

For source code please refer to the follow URLs:


these are the two web sites having the problem

When I access either site for example www.applevalleyvilla.com
what you should see is the "Menu bar" on the page which is suppose to Navy Blue background with white lettering. The Menu bar buttons act as either a hyperlink or a dropdown menu with additional hyperlinks. What I am seeing with Windows XP and
IE 6.0 is the buttons in the menu bar greyed out. The dropdown
menus and links work but when I mouse over the link buttons on
the menu bar, I get Javascript error messages....

For example: (www.applevalleyvilla.com) Menubar "Home" button

"A runtime error has occured,
do you wish to Debug?"
"Line: 153"
"Error: Object Required"
Yes or No

I choose yes:

//Hightlight the menu option
function menuChange(srcEle)
if(srcEle.className.toLowerCase() == 'menuregular')
srcEle.className = 'menuHighlight';
srcEle.className = 'menuRegular';

PLease help