View Full Version : Two targets in two seperate frames with one hyperlink

01-11-2004, 10:24 PM
Hi, I am using frontpage 2003. Yes I know it is a beginner program to suit my novice needs.

My question is, I am using hotspot hyperlinks on an image. I am also using frame pages. I was wondering if anyone knew how to make one hotspot hyperlink open two seperate pages in two seperate frames. I am trying to open page1 in frame1 and page2 in frame2 with one hyperlink. If there is a code that exist that I may incorporate into FP2003 or if anyone knows how to do it I would appreciate it greatly.

Thank you in advance,

01-11-2004, 10:39 PM

<map name="FPMap0">
<area target="main2" href="middlebottom.htm" shape="rect" coords="8, 135, 75, 157">
<area target="main2" href="c/dvdlast12.htm" shape="rect" coords="12, 164, 88, 182">
<img border="0" src="images/89777777.JPG" width="151" height="320" usemap="#FPMap0"></p>


I am also trying to add
target="main1" href="c/dvd.htm" shape="rect" cords="12, 164,88,182">
to the second hyperlink so that the same rectangle opens both targets, and everything I have tried it still only opens one target in one frame.

01-12-2004, 12:02 AM
Forget it... While waiting for someone to help me I figured it out.

I just used javascript on the first framepage opened.

<script language="javascript">
window.open("dvd.htm", "main1")