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01-08-2004, 02:31 AM
On my site, I have my navigational bar on the right side. Within the navigational bar, I'd like to create a 'Mouse Trail Effect', and a 'Mouse Hover Effects'.

My first question though, is all of this done to actual text or an image map? Or can you do it on either? (I'm looking for an Image Map actually...my 'navigational bar' is a rectangular image with a blue-white gradient fill created in Adobe ImageReady v2.0, and has Text inside it, also created in ImageReady)

Mouse Trail Effect: (To get an excellent example of what I'm speaking of, please visit http://www.apycom.com/trail-menu/ex1.html ). The problem with this is, I want my text vertical, rather than horizontal and I want to keep my own background, which will be my navigational bar (which I THINK is the .class file they're speaking of). I've been trying this over and over, and it doesn't work out well when you set the vertical paramter to 'true', and I can't figure out how to get my own background (which would be my navigational bar image) or how to get rid of the 'Apycom Copyright' that appears.

Mouse Hover Effect #1: (To view an excellent example of what I'm speaking of, please visit http://www.lifelineaquarium.com/ ) Finally, go to the aforementioned site. See the 'Site Index' in the navigational bar? Hover your cursor over it. You'll notice when you do it opens up a sub-navigational bar, and then a sub-navigational bar of that if you go further. How is this accomplished? And I'd like to do it without the black lines surrounding it all (in other words, the table border). I tried Viewing the Source, but oddly the script I was looking for appeared to be absent

That's a lot of questions, I really hope someone can answer them all for me. Again, can this all be done on an image map and can all of these functions be done simultaneously?

Thank you very much to anyone who replies. (I've gotten pretty frustrated working with this lately)

(I have read the posting rules, and I've 'done my homework', or at least tried to, I realize this is a ridiculous amount of work for someone to help me...many sites I've gone to actually require money (and a LOT) to have access to this kind of help for JavaScript/DHTML. Edited my post; been working on it and figured out one hover effect)