View Full Version : 2 spacing/alignment problems

01-07-2004, 06:53 PM
Hi all, I've built a page at www.bartlett-family.net/chris (yeah, that's me, let's keep the laughter to a minimum :).

That page is 100% perfect as far as I'm concerned. I copied and pasted that template to the pages of all my other family members: nancy, sokhan, john, pat.

I think you can figure out their URL's... Just replace "chris" with whatever

Anyway, on ALL of these pages, you'll notice that a random quote is generated. The quote changes every time the browser is refreshed.

On all the pages EXCEPT "chris", the site will shift slightly based on the size of length of the quote. What I mean is, if a quote comes up that is short (only taking one line), almost the entire contents of the site (other than the left-sided links, etc) shifts to the right. Then if you refresh the page until a longer quote comes up, the page will then go back to normal. This does NOT happen on the "chris" page.

In addition, on all the pages EXCEPT "chris", there is a sizeable gap in the footer area between the image and the text next to it. There should be no gap. In other words, it should look ilke it does on the "chris" page.

These problems only occur in IE6 and Gecko browsers (not Opera). In addition, they only occur on larger monitors at higher resolutions, ie the problems do NOT show up on smaller, lower resolution monitors.

Does anyone know why this is happening? The pages are virtually identical (as you will see). I thought that it might have to do with the fact that ONLY one "chris" is there an additional drop-down menu link (The "Blackjack Anyone" link). I know that's not the problem, because on one of the other pages, I left it in for a while, and it still had trouble. I then removed it. Other than having all different images, the sites are IDENTICAL. I have gone through the HTML and CSS code until I can't stand it anymore, and I see no differences. Can anyone help out, please?