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Aug 1st, 2002, 09:17 AM
Ok, I know what I like and I know what " PROFESSIONALS " think people like. I've read a lot of tips but I'd like to find out for myself what elements of a website appeal to you.

The site I'm creating is a web development site, I know it's been done before but it hasn't been done by me;).
So there will be a lot of content and I guess you must find it easy to follow the tutorials, I'm guessing that animated banners etc on the sides are a no go (I don't want 'em anyway).

So just throw everything you have at me no matter how critical, If you don't like something say it and I'll add it to the list.:thumbsup:

Aug 1st, 2002, 03:33 PM
Things I do not like:

black or patterned backgrounds

intros (splash pages) that are just cheezy flash animations of the sites url or text that fades in and out and spins around. IMO if splash pages are used they should be an explanation of the site and links to all the pages.

annoying ads and pop up ads

the need to use every effect off dynamic drive and also add a couple of java appelts. Content should be the focus of the site not a drop down menu that fades in and out, plays music, while some annoying thing is following a cursor.

If I do not have the flash plug in do not force me to download it, code the page to have an alternative

sites that make you sign up for everything.

Things I like:

white space, there is no need to cram everything on one page.

titles on page so I always no where I am

I think it is a lot easier to find things that are bad than good. IMO content should always be the focus of the site. Most of the sites I visit daily are because of the content not because of their kick A** design. But they also avoid the annoying things I mentioned above so I guess that keeps me coming back to them everyday.

Aug 1st, 2002, 04:46 PM
i like the tutorials best that start at the beginning. seems obvious, but some don't. and if i need to know something before i can read a certain tutorial (like need to know html before learning css), please tell me.

Aug 2nd, 2002, 09:02 AM
Allida77, I'm right with ya in the cross browser/plugin aspect. A true designer designs to work on all systems rather than making it to work on the very latest and greatest technology. Forcing the download of plugins and upgrades of browsers is wrong, and I think I'll have a page about that.:)

Applesauce I hear ya, I myself am only just learning ASP and I've been to many a site where they don't start from the beginning. I have thought of adopting the same method as w3schools do in their tutorials. They have a small list of what you should know before you begin, with a link to a tutorial on it.

You've pretty much cemented in my basic plan.

How do you think I should go about displaying my site, I like http://www.brainjar.com because it has no background pictures and the content is in the center of the page. But!!! What are your opinions on the content being in the center?

Aug 4th, 2002, 08:36 AM
If i were to have a splash page with an option at the bottom to not display it again would you find that useful?

Aug 4th, 2002, 08:47 AM
An easy to read color scheme with good contrast between text and background. Well organized so that things are easy to find. Common layout throughout the site. If you have things divided up into many categories and subcategories using a bread crumb feature comes in handy. Just like the one you see here in the forums towards the top. As was mentioned before do not use patterned backgrounds....makes it hard to read text. Make it visually appealing to include nice graphics but don't go overboard as to hinder functionality.

Aug 4th, 2002, 08:51 AM
Content in the center is okay until you see it at a high resolution. When creating text links it's not always a good idea to remove the underline from them. I think the underline makes it abundantly clear that it is a link. Some people like to go over board with that and remove all underlines and then change the link color to some color that doesn't make it apparent that it is a link.

Aug 4th, 2002, 09:25 AM
So, what If I were to have a user layout selection, so the layout will appear in a way that is easy to read at the users resolution that the user selects. I'd have to make it cookie/session based or a login with db.

Aug 5th, 2002, 08:45 PM
Check out http://www.alistapart.com/index.html for some more ideas on content/design.

Also the site's owner's website http://www.zeldman.com/

And if you are going to do a splash page, do it like this http://www.kibo.com/ :p

You can also do a lot with CSS, check out the website to the book http://www.ericmeyeroncss.com This is my favorite new book. :thumbsup:

Happy Surfing