View Full Version : ASP with perl scripting

12-28-2003, 07:40 AM
I asked my webhost if asp was enabled and he said, "ASP with perl scripting is supported. " What dose that mean?

12-28-2003, 11:56 AM
well, it means he's running a unix or linux server and has the free apache module Apache::ASP installed so that he can run ASP's on Apache.

But this moduke only works for ASP-pages where you used Perl as scriptinglanguage.

ASP code can be written in VBscript (most commmonly used --> about 99 percent of the posts here use VBscript), Jscript (already a bit less frequent), Perl (rarely used as scripting language) or your own moonshine scripting-language if you also write an IIS scriptengine for your language (ever done ?).

I'd suggest looking for another windows-host (which might be a bit more expensinve). I don' see a big future for Perl-ASP so it's no use learning a language for it. Then it would be more usefull to learn PHP and use that as a server side scripting language.