View Full Version : Rollover images apearing as a pop up window

12-26-2003, 06:51 PM
Hey, I'm adding rollover images to my site. I have 16 images on the front page, and all but one works fine. For some reason, one rollover image is blocked by my popup blocker. I've included the code for that one link, can someone help me remove this annoyance?

<a href="http://deepspace.proboards18.com/index.cgi" onMouseOver="playSound (0), MM_swapImage('forums','','Images/forum-a.JPG',1), window.status='General Forums'; return true" onMouseOut="stopSound(0), MM_swapImgRestore(), window.status=''; return true" target="_blank" onClick="playSound(1)"><img src="Images/forum.JPG" name="forums" width="210" height="28" border="0"></a>