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12-26-2003, 01:36 AM
I am in need of a lot of help in making a php / javascript form. The first thing that I need is a page in php that has a drop down menu that allows a selection of 2 locations, San Jose, California and Los Angeles, California
The next thing needed is the selection of a number of players, I need a drop down box for this with even numbers only 10-32
Next thing needed is a web hosting radio boxes, there will be 2 selections, one that says basic web hosting which is selected by default and another that is premium webhosting which adds 7 dollars to the total. Now in real time I need two places in which it lists the total, which will be
3.50 * number of players selected + web hosting price
Then after selecting next I need these variables carried on to another page personal.php on the personal.php these variables should be echo'd at the begining followed by a personal section that reads :
First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
AIM or MSN messenger
Zip Code

Then a details section that reads
Subdomain wanted :

I already have a subdomain and would like godaddy to host it :

then everything will be collected and we will move onto the next page; at this page all information will be echo'd and then 2 radio boxes, one selecting paypal, or the other being postal. If selected postal and submit user will be forwarded to a page that echo's all their info, and tells them to mail it to an address.
If selecting paypal the customized total will be carried on to a paypal subscription page which will use the total to be billed as a monthly subscription. After payment I want an email with all the info submitted during the php forms, i don't know if this is possible so I wouldn't mind recieving the info before they paid, also if paying by paypal the information in the forms it would be good if they were included in the paypal notes or something. I am willing to pay some money to have this done for me say around $20 I am willing to bend if really needed, however I am only a student so I can't afford that much money. THe following pages have exactly what I am looking for and the source can be easily seen, my only real problem is carrying these variables over to the next page :

Attached is the ripped source from the second link with all the junk removed, also when emailed to me I would like it to say
Location: (location selected)
Number of players : (number of players selected)

12-26-2003, 09:40 AM
I'm finishing off an app that can generate and manage the sort of formactions what you ask for + a lott more(the paypal might need a few lines of extra code)

but for $20 i wount even bother to run you through it. i would recommend you ask for free help, or that you realy pay someone or that you write it yourself. It's just basic formhandling and their should be plenty of tutorials and demoscripts at www.hotscripts.com
Like these 40 or what http://www.hotscripts.com/PHP/Tips_and_Tutorials/Form_Processing/index.html