View Full Version : Parse Error with =

12-19-2003, 04:59 AM
}days&postorder=$post_order&highlight=$highlight", $total_replies, $board_config['posts_per_page'], $start) : generate_pagination("viewtopic.$phpEx?" . POST_TOPIC_URL . "=$topic_id&postdays=$post_days&postorder=$post_order", $total_replies, $board_config['posts_per_page'], $start);
There is something wrong with that statement i just cant figure out what is wrong with it

12-19-2003, 10:37 PM
Ya really need to post more code than just that. And formatted for easy reading would be nice as well.

It looks like you posted just part of the code.....

for example, I only see a single quote after $hightlight

...where's the other?

What function are you calling?