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12-15-2003, 10:20 PM
My boss has this idea. He wants us to be able to allow the user to make changes to a form, save it as an electronic version on his local machine, then email it back to us. PDF is by default, not editable....excel and word are ok--but then you can edit everything on the document--not just the information the user is supposed to enter.

He does not want to use a database for it. I've suggested a web-based form, which the user fills out, then it's stored to a database, but he doesn't want to have to maintain the database table. In his defense, we're talking about 7 pages, with about 15-20 items per page, so it's a fairly substantial form. It also appears that the first person to access it may not be the only one with access to it--and maintaining security and still allowing multiple users in an organization to be able to view a file may be kind of interesting.

Seems to me though that the idea of having a website with an Oracle datbase behind it is to allow a page to update that table, but hey...

Any ideas?

12-16-2003, 03:13 AM
I have an idea. Have a "suggestion box" where someone emails suggestions about changes to the form. It could easily be an email address.

I mean... really... this is a web form, right? Are the people making suggestions web developers? Probably not. :p

The fact that it's a "fairly substantial form" further reinforces my suggestion, to start with. :)

If it's a .pdf, then that goes double... unless all of your users have Adobe Writer installed... if that's the case and it's not a webform, they should just submit their own modified forms for use, pending approval by your boss.

12-16-2003, 03:56 PM
The purpose for this is to allow clients to configure some settings for how they want my company to manage their business. They are not changing a form for me to re-display for them.

I believe it's going to be an excel spreadsheet. Then, they can download it, change it to their heart's content, save off a copy for themselves, and email it back in.

There will be no database involved--unless they want to be able to come back to the page later and have it automatically see the settings they've selected.

I know, I know...very sloppy, not the most technologically savvy way of doing it....but that's what the client and my boss want.