View Full Version : How to learn javascript for media-arts?

Aug 23rd, 2013, 05:20 AM
Hi everyone.

I am interested in learning Javascript since people tell me is a very strong language, that is used a lot.

I come froman arts background and I interesting in learning javascript by making visuals/ graphics/ videos - multimedia etc/

I am wondering how do You suggest I go about learning javascript.

or what are some good resources?

I did this using processing and compiling to processing.js
but I want to learn Javascript.

so any help or direction and path I should take in making better use of JS for my purposes is extremely appreciated


rnd me
Aug 23rd, 2013, 05:36 PM
my degree was in media, but i am employed as a web developer based upon my javascript skills, so it's not an insurmountable leap. You will need a CS foundation to get up to speed, but that's easy to do these days with codeacademy, kahn academy, mit online, etc. Video really healped me, in particular a series of LISP videos taught by gerald sussman helped my code thinking, and doug crockford's videos (json, good parts, misunderstood, intro to js, etc) should all be required watching. they made me feel smarter overnight...

to find out about the tools you'll be using, mdn and even msdn are indispensable. Books are a waste of money and trees, though a thick reference can stand-in for mdn when the web is down...

i learn best by doing: starting a project and working on it to get it up and running, even partly. In this manner, you learn everything at once: planning, coding, skinning, debugging, and distribution. It's like immerse language learning as opposed to learning a few verbs each week: you learn grammar and vocab at the same time with the former.

anyways, there's a lot more overlap than folks realize, and not having 4 years of biased CS education, you are in a strong position to embrace JS's unequaled reach and recent power to make rich interactive experiences come to life.

Aug 24th, 2013, 05:38 AM
I am wondering how do You suggest I go about learning javascript.You learn JavaScript by coding JavaScript. Which means you need something to code. Come up with a personal project, or trying helping people on Web development forums like this one. The latter is how I learned it. (Even if someone has already provided a solution, you can still code your own solution whether you post it or not.)

For personal projects, learning how to do a simple image swap on mouse over and mouse out is a good start. Then you can learn how to, for example, add text and other content to a document (without using document.write), change the appearance of HTML elements, or create an audio player.