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12-09-2003, 09:48 PM
Okay this question is for the PHP Gurus. I trying to create an application with php and oracle database. Can this be done! I am just looking for your inputs and adise on how to tackle this.

1. I have a folder on my local server that contain imges. (temp_images).

2. I also have a folder on the save server that will house the images perminently. (permanent_images)

3. I have a oracle database that contains info about the images.
(parcel_id, datetime, folder_number.)

4. I want to create a web interface that will do the following.

a) I Load all the images from the temp_images directory into a drop down list.

b) Have a form (on the right side of the drop down list) that will have 3 fields for the user to enter info in, parcel_number, datetime, folder_number.

c) I user clicks on an image from the drop down list and enter the info on the right.

d) Click add record and the following should happen.
-this info should be added to table named ae72 in the oracle database.
-parcel_number in the parcel_number field, datetime in the datetime field, and folder_number in the folder_number field.
-the image that this info is associated with should be copied to the sub folder named (folder_number) in the permanent_image folder.
-Delete the image from the temp_image folder.

e) to make matter complicated, the sub folder in the permanent_image folder should only hold up to 1000 image max.

Wow, I just want to know how to get started and if it is possible to do this with php?

12-09-2003, 10:21 PM
Everything you have stated is possible with PHP.

As for where to get started I don't know your current expetise so it would be difficult to tell you where to get started.

In any case start reading beginning tutorials on PHP found at www.zend.com and read through the manual at www.php.net. As for learning SQL to use for your oracle database you can learn that at www.sqlcourse.com and www.sqlcourse2.com

12-09-2003, 10:52 PM
I am not an expert an php yet. My level of expertise is somewhere between in the middle. I know most things but have problems with the more complex things, like this project.