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12-06-2003, 06:44 PM
I recently purchased NeonEdit, a php content management script. I am having trouble with part of it, but the company seems not to be responding to my messages.

I want to be able to point the server path to a separate website (in effect, I want to have the php script on one site, but the editable pages on another site). I am new to php, and am having difficulty doing this.

This is the part that I need to edit/change (an excerpt from the enitre script, attached):

/* set path for "ROOT" and "PATH" directories - no trailing slash */
$neonedit->set(ROOT, "/var/www/html/mtdurand/html/cathedral_camp");
$neonedit->set(PATH, "/var/www/html/mtdurand/scripts/php/neonedit");

/* set path for "PREVIEW" and "URL" paths - no trailing slash */
$neonedit->set(PREVIEW, "http://www.mtdurand.com/clients/CathedralCamp");
$neonedit->set(URL, "http://mtdurand_clientpages_var_5382_display_yes.sjnfreetown.org/scripts/php/neonedit");

I want the php script to be hosted at http://mtdurand_clientpages_var_5382_display_yes.sjnfreetown.org/scripts/php/neonedit/, and I want the client-side, editable pages to be hosted at http://www.mtdurand.com/clients/CathedralCamp/. Currently, I am only able to get it to work with pages on the same site as the script.

Any help is greatly appreciated! I am supposed to have this finished soon, and got worried when the company didn't respond to my emails...


12-06-2003, 06:47 PM
Sorry, forgot to mention this:

the configuration file (the part that I took the excerpt from above) is located n-e_files.zip/includes/config.inc.php