View Full Version : need help to make order form

12-03-2003, 08:08 PM
hey, all im new to this and need help creating a script that will enable people to order things from the site im working on.

if some one has a script that would just need to be edited it would be a great hel to me
or if some on would like a chalenge and make it from scrat ples let me know.

P.S. the scrip cant use any server side scripts or the cgi-bin b/c i cant accsess it and admin wont talk to me for unknow resons

Roy Sinclair
12-03-2003, 08:50 PM
You need a "shopping cart" application but first you need a new host that's more responsive because server side code is required for anything more than the most simplistic shopping cart systems.

12-05-2003, 07:02 PM
thanks but i cant b/c this is a school sever that i cant get accses to. so i cant make changes or add anything and the admin hates me

but you said that the most simplist of shoping carts would work
if you know of any or have their scripts pleas let me know

P.S. they dont pay online they have to come in and pay

12-05-2003, 07:32 PM
You can not store information without the help of a server side script which needs the use of the server.

Can you run an asp file on the server?

Can you have a database on the server?

Plus you can try using a free hosting service online. If you want to store information you need a database. Yes you can store information in a text file, but that only gets you so far.


12-08-2003, 07:42 PM
yes i can use a dateabase but it cant be in any other place than the folder i work in

12-08-2003, 07:49 PM
are you able to run ASP on the server?

12-08-2003, 08:12 PM
yea i can