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11-27-2003, 05:53 PM
I've just tried implementing the ASP AdRotator component for the first time.

I've got it doing pretty much what I want it to do, although I'm not using it exactly as I think it was intended.

We have a database-driven list of holiday resorts. Each of these has an "more information" page. On pages that aren't tied to a resort (like say, the "contact us" page), we now have a banner-like image that pops up the "more info" page. Nifty, huh? :rolleyes: ;)

Anyway: this banner-rotator DLL. All I can see that it does is (a) selects a random* banner based on the config file "ads.txt", and then (b) chucks out a string of HTML that basically consists of a link wrapped round an image.

I want it to churn out the same html, with a line of text underneath. Can I do this? I mean both physically, can I actually get into this DLL and play around with with the output string, and also can I do this without being decended on by a pack of rabid Microsoft lawyers?

*with the weighting thing. That's a key selling point - our product managers are going to love being able to plug some resorts more than others.... control freaks...