View Full Version : Does this program exist? (Description follows)

03-10-2013, 06:23 AM

I have come up against a problem that is quite annoying in that while rippng a website (with permission given) that is located here: http://opinions.aoc.arkansas.gov/weblink8/Browse.aspx?startid=101893

I found that when using httrack the way the site has been designed (asp pages) it copies the pdf files over as 'Electronic.aspx'. Yet when you manually right click on the file and 'save link as' it saves the file as a pdf (with the name as given in the page).

Sooo..... is there a program out there which does something similar to a website ripping program BUT does it in a slightly different way (custom automated):

Allows you to specify the area (by using the mouse to draw a square on the screen) for links to be activated
Activates the right mouse menu on the first link in the above area
'Clicks' the 'save link as' which opens the 'save to' menu and then saves the file to a pre-specified folder
Goes to the next link down
Does the same thing as above, etc, and continues until all the files on that page are saved
Goes to the next page, via the links at the bottom (1,2,3,etc), and does the same thing for all the files on that page, etc, until ALL files on ALL pages are down loaded into that same folder

If there is a program like this where can I find it and what are these types of programs called?

Would really like this info asap if at all possible.

Thanking everyone in advance and apologies if this is posted in the wrong place.