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02-06-2013, 05:08 PM
I've been careful to explain my situation very clearly. Please read this and ask me to explain anything that isn't clear before saying this can be done for the price I offer. In the past several months, I have asked in the Wordpress community as well as asking my host provider and no one seems to think this can be done. They all say that I have to purchase a separate hosting package for each domain in order to have clean URLs. I can't believe this.

I'm looking at having someone install Wordpress in a subdirectory folder and successfully attach Web Site Forwarding to this installation. I want to retain a clean URL and not have the root directory domain show when opening the site.

If someone can do this, I want them to please do it and then show me how it's done so that I can do it myself.

Currently, I have a Wordpress site that I use inside of a folder in my Public HTML folder. The htaccess and index files for this site are outside of their install folder. This is my main domain and we are not to impose upon this.

I have several domain names that I would like to use for multiple installations of Wordpress -- if I can figure out how to assign their respective domain names and have clean URLs.

Currently, creating multiple installations of Wordpress is not the problem. I use one database and simply give each wp-config file a unique name. By doing this, I can easily access any particular installation -- using the whole main domain and then the folder. For example: http://www.mymaindomain/wordpress_install_1. It opens without a problem and works great. The problem comes when I use Web Site Forwarding and use Domain Stay and assign this: newdomain points to http://www.mymaindomain/wordpress_install_1 and www.newdomain points to http://www.maydomain/wordpress_install_1. I can successfully install Wordpress, but I can't log in after the installation. If I use the whole root directory domain, then I can get in and even go to the dashboard, but when returning to the home page the site becomes frozen -- but the clean URL is being displayed.

I have PayPal. Is this something that can be done? Is this something that can be done in an hour for $40? Please PM me. I can provide all access IDs so you can access my cPanel and work with FileZila for the FTP.


02-06-2013, 06:47 PM
I may have a solution. I will repost if I don't. Thank you all for reading.