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02-04-2013, 05:30 AM
Being new to the forum but not finding an intro thread I'm gonna start there :thumbsup: My name is Russell, I am an animator by trade but a programmer by hobby. I spend my free time learning/writing android apps and games using eclipse and Unity. I currently have one on the market. I'm all self taught using my own brain, lots of internet tutorials, and a few forums. I come here today in need of some help with command line work.
I've started working on a second machine at home and I have a backup machine just for storage. I wrote a small .bat file to copy everything to/from the backup so I can easily go from one machine to the other. Everything is going great but I work from a master folder called "Workspace" and that folder has all my project folders and their iterations. Currently the extent of my command line knowledge is just using xcopy to send or retrieve the entire "Workspace" folder around, that gets large. What I'm hoping is to edit the .bat file so I can select Yes/No for each folder within the "Workspace" directory only copy the ones I select Yes. That way I can copy only the folders I want and not every project.
The bat file I wrote is pretty basic but it does the trick for copying the whole directory

@echo off
xcopy "localdirectory" "networkshare" /e /q /r /y /EXCLUDE:c:\share\Exclusion.txt

I'm hoping that someone can point me in the right direction. I'm not actually looking for someone to write the code for me because I'd never learn. Rather someone to say that I want to use these commands and let me figure out the rest.