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01-26-2013, 04:51 AM
Hi all,

New to the forums here so I'm looking forward to connecting and checking it out.

I have an issue with a joomla site that I built using artisteer as my base template and then customizing it with html and css from there.

Here is a preview link of the site I'm trying to complete the coding portion on:

I'm viewing it on chrome Version 24.0.1312.56 on a mac. When I mouse over solutions, I can see the two drop down menu items. Yet when I attempt to move my mouse down to the "Hosting" menu item, the dropdown goes away. I thought it was the nivo slider at first that was the issue so I unpublished the slider, and it still was disappearing.

Now, I did move the menu to a new location from where it was originally, and used divs around the menu to arrange it how I wanted it. I used the div you can in the source called <div id="menucontainer"></div> around it. When I remove that div, even though it messes up the layout, the drop down works and doesn't just disappear. When I move the menu up the page by reducing the padding top in the menucontainer style, it works.

The issue seems to be the box/body styles that seems to be overlapping or layered on top of menu when it drops down below it. That's why I was thinking this is z index issue.

Do you have any idea on what the issue might be from looking at the css/code and how I might correct it? It appears to be an issue in chrome, firefox and safari. I haven't tested IE yet, but I'm assuming it isn't working correctly there either. Thanks so much for your help in advance?

01-27-2013, 11:28 AM
I'm not seeing the issue on FF or Chrome on W7 - are you still seeing the problem?