View Full Version : Paid job: ASP/Access work

11-08-2003, 02:33 AM
1) Currently have the records in Excel / Access, whichever you prefer, or can export to a flat .txt file if you need.

2) About 1300 records

3) Need to be able to search database by all or any of the below:
- By Name
- By City
- By State
- By affiliation (CCSP or DACBSP)
-- An option to sort results by any of the above also

4) Need an administration page, where the client can view / edit / search all records

5) I will also need a clickable map of the US / Canada which will in turn display the physicians in that state / province. (I will provide the map, I've done the grunt work of cutting out the states for a different web site, and we can use that one).

The web site has been done by someone else, but I was contacted to do the searchable index. I don't exactly have the time to do this, since they are on a bit of a schedule.

Email me (mstanzel@mchsi.com) with your bid and portfolio (or if you need more details) and I will get the information to the client.