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01-14-2013, 03:14 AM
Hey guys,

Ive recently dived into the deep waters, and began to fast-track my learning of ROR and have achieved some pretty cool results...For example, I was able to create a basic version of Twitter.

My question to the Coding Forum elite is, how do I go about hosting my ROR app online? It may sound like a simple question but the thing that confuses most is....If I am running the ROR framework from my localhost server (on my pc), how do I instead transfer it and run it on paid hosting server? And which hosting services would you recommend to host Ruby On Rails web applications?

I look forward to reading your responses.

01-20-2013, 01:09 AM
Hey guys,

I've done some further research on the subject and thought I would share my findings with the forum.

Here are useful notes that I've taken from various sources on how to host/deploy your RoR applicationL

Hosting/Deploying RoR app

1. http://heroku.com *rails application hosting*

2. Install software on server *installation guides http://rubyonrails.org/download* *use google if needed*
- Ruby
-SQLite or Mysql
- mysql gem
connecting to remote server: in command line type ssh someuser@someserver.com

3. Webservers - Apache, Nginx, Lighttpd, -- Passenger/ Mod_rails, Mongrel, Thin, Unicorn.
-Recommended Apache + Passenger .

4. Deployment tools.
- FTP software, Transmit (for Mac)
or ExpanDrive (works for both Mac and Windows)

- Source Code Manager
-Git http://hit-scm.com and GitHub http://github.com
- Deploy Scripting, Capistrano - http://capify.com

Hope that helps a bit.