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12-31-2012, 07:00 AM
I have been working on this website for over a week now.

When I started, I had no HTML/CSS/Javascript experience, so I started with a template and taught myself by altering it.

My site is almost done, there's just one main issue I am having.

The way the site works if that its all on the one page, simply populating the page with information depending on the button clicked.

I have found that on different resolution screens, I have scrolling issues and everything is out of whack.

1. Everything except the background doesnt seem to be anchored, on larger resolutions, it seems to move itself far below the background. I am wanting it to stay where it needs to be and never ever move.
2. The background does not scroll with everything else. On small resolutions when the site takes up more than the screen and you need to scroll vertically, the background stays put and everything else moves... i need the background moving too.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I am not sure where my issues are, so I cant really show any code but I will upload the index.html and give access to my servers css/js files.

In the index.html, i think that the line

<div id="bgSlider"></div>
is relevant to the background, and that the background is effected by the js files: bg.js and bgslider.js

as for the information (buttons and what not), I am not sure what causes them to move, but this line in the bg.js caught my eye as a possability.

$('.box').stop().animate({paddingTop:m_top+20},1000, 'easeOutCirc');

Again, any help is most appreciated and any tips would be great too.

Javascript files can be found at
CSS files can be found at