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12-06-2012, 01:45 PM
Guys, really need help with this

Need to get the following to output into something like this
<img src="http://jakebui.com/whatthefrellareyoudoingareyoufarbot/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/zodiac.png">


Must be able to covert the month string into a number and calculate the todays to minus birthdate and output as total days

<title>CSC1401 - Assignment 1, Chinese Zodiac</title>
var year=prompt('Enter your year of birth as a 4-digit integer', '1981');
var month=prompt('Enter your month of birth', 'Apr');
var day=prompt('Enter your day of birth as an integer', '19');
var yearsPassed=((year)-1924);
var today=new Date(); //today's date
var birthday=(day + month + year);
var daysAlive=((today.getTime()-birthday.getTime())/millisecInDay);//converting milliseconds alive to days
var zodiacYear=((year-INITIAL_YEAR));
var millisecInDay=1000*60*60*24;
//variables and constants defined.
//Birthday now entered.
var zodiacSign=new Array('rat','ox','tiger','rabbit','dragon','snake','horse','goat','monkey','rooster','dog','pig');


<h1>Chinese Zodiac</h1>
<li><h2>Your birthday is <font color="#ff0000"><script>document.write(day + " " + month + " " + year + ".")</script></font></h2></li>
<li><h2>You have been alive for <font color="#3300ff"> <script>document.write(birthday)</script></font> days.</h2></li>
<li><h2>Your Chinese Zodiac animal is:</h2></li>
<img src="rat.jpg"/>
<img src="ox.jpg"/>

if (zodiacYear%12==0) <img src="rat.jpg"/>
else if (zodiacYear%12==1) <img src="ox.jpg"/>
else if (zodiacYear%12==2) /* COMMENT */
else if (zodiacYear%12==3) //COMMENTS
else if (zodiacYear%12==4)
else if (zodiacYear%12==5)
else if (zodiacYear%12==6)
else if (zodiacYear%12==7)
else if (zodiacYear%12==8)
else if (zodiacYear%12==9)
else if (zodiacYear%12==10)
else if (zodiacYear%12==11)

<p>Thanks to <a href="http://FreeDigitalPhotos.net">Free Digital Photos.net</a> for providing the images for free educational use.<p/>

Old Pedant
12-06-2012, 09:09 PM
First of all, look here:

Look especially at rule 1.5.

If you make some realistic effort at doing your homework and come here asking for help getting past a bug or two, you'll likely get help.

But in this case... There's just no real code there that we can critique. We'd have to start all over.

I'm sorry, but it looks to me like you are just throwing code against a wall hoping that some of it may stick.

On top of all that, you are using ancient history JavaScript. prompt and document.write are both considered nothing but debugging tools nowadays and shouldn't be used in any real code, not even homework. If you instructor is seriously telling you to use those then he/she must not have been using real-world JavaScript any time in the last 10 years or so. I would complain to the department head about being taught such out-of-date coding techniques.